¡Párala Ya! – Cómo el liderazgo colectivo está combatiendo el machismo en Colombia

Esta es una historia de éxito en curso, que demuestra el poder de la resistencia y el liderazgo colectivo para lograr un cambio sociopolítico profundo.

¡Párala Ya! – How Community Leadership is Combatting “Machismo” in Colombia

This is an ongoing success story, demonstrating the power of resistance and community leadership for deep-rooted cultural and political change.

Women in Dev 2021 End-of-Year Review

Over the course of 2021, the Women in Dev network has expanded considerably, met various milestones in terms of activity and engagement, and had incredible guest speakers for the multiple event series’ launched.

Why We Surveyed 30,000+ Women During the Pandemic

The lack of data on women – especially those from minority groups or from developing countries – means that decisions affecting the whole of society are based on the experiences and opinions of a select few.

From Afghanistan to Bulgaria: Finding Purpose in Displacement

Life is never easy as a refugee or immigrant. You are always watched and everything you do can impact how welcome you feel – or even your permission to stay.

Reflections from an Activist-Turned-CEO

I believed – and still believe – that systems change is the only sustainable and scalable solution to address deep inequalities present in societies around the world.

Six things to know about GEF

Rule number one of GEF is you don’t talk about what a mess GEF is.

The Tide is Turning. Why silence on Palestine is no longer an option.

Right now, we see the tide turning. The rise of social media, for all its drawbacks, has provided a way for Palestinians to share their daily lived experiences, and is exposing the weaknesses in the deeply skewed narratives that have dominated public discourse thus far.

France: many shades of misogyny, not a single one of freedom

As seasonal and unwelcome as the flu season, the burqa/hijab debate emerges similarly in the event of an approaching election season in a ‘Western’ country.