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Transform funding practices

If we are to transition towards a locally owned development sector, funding needs to reach the women working and driving progress at the community level.

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Instill feminist leadership models

We need to transform our own systems and structures to promote equality within our institutions.

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Increase women’s leadership

We must increase women’s leadership at grassroots level, across key sectors including health and politics.

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About Women in Dev

Women in Dev is a platform which connects and unites women working at all levels and across all regions in the international development, global health and social justice sectors. It is a platform with deeply rooted feminist principles and values that operates across movements, networks, coalitions, initiatives and organisations to provide an environment for women to come together as leaders, advocates and allies working towards the goal of gender equality.

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Steering Committee

The women who steer WomeninDev

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Melissa Kilby

Executive Director Girl Up
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Janet Mbugua

Media Personality and Founder of Inua Dada Foundation
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Ida Horner

Chairperson of Let Them Help Themselves
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Dr. Roopa Dhatt

Executive Director & Co-Founder of Women in Global Health
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Natalia- Nana Lester Bush

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Specialist
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Uma Mishra-Newbery

Social Justice and Women's Rights Leader, Former Executive Director of Women's March Global
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Dr. Sethunya Mosime

Head of Sociology Department,University of Botswana
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Dr. Zara Ahmed

Associate Director of Federal Issues, Guttmacher Institute
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Olivia Andrews

Fundraiser, Campaigner and self-described “outspoken Black, lesbian, feminist”
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Helene Wolf 

Chair and Co-Founder, FAIR SHARE of Women Leaders
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Shada Islam

Advisor and Commentator on Europe, Africa, Asia, Geopolitics, Trade and Inclusion

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"The EU's 'we know best' approach is creating resentment among many non-Western states who complain of being infantilised."

Steering Committee Member @shada_islam reports on EU hypocrisy: from threats to #democracy, to #climate policy, to #womensrights.

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