Our goal is to unite women to drive institutional and systemic reform across the international development and social justice sectors to achieve gender equality.

Women In Dev facilitates sharing of resources and knowledge around barriers and opportunities to achieve SDG5, aiming for women and girls everywhere to have equal rights and opportunity, and be able to live free of violence and discrimination. We believe we can generate change in our sector by:

  • Igniting inclusive dialogues with a diverse range of women from across the sector
  • Demanding accountability from global institutions
  • Instilling feminist principles into our everyday work practices and leadership models
  • Uniting women to share their knowledge, experience and solutions to drive change across the international development and social justice sectors


of all voices and perspectives in this space



in how we design, build and progress our work and learning



solutions to the inherent biases that underpin systems and structures globally



approaches to supporting women and reforming the sector