By Jill Blaustein and Seval LaRocca  

Women in Dev is grateful for the support and partnership of The Strategic Muses. Here, Jill Blaustein and Seval LaRocca explain what ‘TSM’ does – and why they are proud to be so closely involved with Women in Dev

The Strategic Muses are proud partners of Women in Dev. We feel strongly that women who are changing the world need a place to come together, openly share experiences, and plan the future.

We are Wall Streeters by trade (Jill, a lawyer, Seval, a businessperson), who launched our careers at a time when there were concrete ceilings – glass wasn’t yet even an option. Both professions were male-dominated, and women were not really given the latitude to fulfill their professional capabilities and aspirations. By creating our own business, we have taken matters into our own hands; we can grow and develop as we see fit. Given our shared history, we seek to empower women in economic development and humanitarian fields and do everything we can to amplify their voices, promote their work, and usher in progress through a woman’s lens.

Our business, The Strategic Muses, is female-run and female-owned.  We create multi-pronged strategies to grow and promote not-for-profit organizations and small for-profit companies. From communications to fundraising, strategic planning to board cultivation, we implement growth strategies when our clients do not have the expertise or (wo)manpower to do so.

A great deal of the work that the Strategic Muses have been involved in over the past several years has been building and growing not-for-profits begun by women, which are uniquely positioned from a female perspective. For example, in Detroit, our client Amy Nederlander, founded and launched L!FE Leaders, Inc., an educational and entrepreneurship program for Detroit’s teens. The students receive hands-on job training, and they put those skills to work in projects which aid in the revitalization of their city.  L!FE connects its teens with local entrepreneurs, businesses and government leaders; and together they work within the community to effect change. That is female leadership at its best – connecting, accelerating growth, envisioning a better future, and then making it happen.

Other female-led organizations that we have worked with have equally inspirational missions and leaders. One client creates healthcare awareness campaigns; whilst another trains and upskills healthcare workers to ensure accessible medical treatment even during times of crisis. 

Rachel Firth of Global Office had the vision for this conference and we are honored to work alongside her and her team to put it into action. Women in Dev is poised to provide female leaders with a forum in which to connect, grow, inspire, and learn. We could not be more proud of the potential for radical, female-led change and the opportunities to engage and unite which this conference brings.