Rebecca Stevens

Rebecca Stevens

Director of Public Affairs for Malaria, Novartis

Rebecca heads Public Affairs for Novartis’ Malaria Initiative - the company’s largest Corporate Social Responsibility program which provides the artemisinin-combination therapy malaria treatment Coartem® not-for-profit to over 60 endemic countries worldwide. Since the start of the initiative in 2001, Novartis has supplied over 300 million treatments to patients in need, contributing to saving thousands of lives.

Rebecca holds an Honours B.A. degree in Mass Communications and Sociology from York University in Toronto, Canada, and a diploma in Public and Media Relations from the Ecole Suisse de Management (ESM) in Geneva, Switzerland. Before joining Novartis, Rebecca was Spokesperson and Employee Communications leader for DuPont de Nemours in Europe, Middle East & Africa.

Prior to that, she was Public Relations Manager for the IMD management school in Lausanne, Switzerland. Rebecca has also worked at the World Economic Forum and at several United Nations agencies including the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, United Nations Volunteers and the United Nations Centre for Human Rights. Rebecca was elected to represent the Private Sector delegation on the WHO’s Roll Back Malaria Partnership Board in May 2010.

Within this role, she will be looking at ensuring access to malaria prevention, diagnostics and quality treatments for patients in malaria-endemic countries.