Holly Penalver

Humanitarian Worker and Founder & CEO of Indigo Volunteers

Holly Penalver, Humanitarian Worker and Founder & CEO of Indigo Volunteers. After completing her degree in Psychology, Holly wanted to spend a year volunteering abroad before commencing her career - although not having fully conceptualised what that career should look like. This is when she first learnt about the dubitable practices and disorganisation in the volunteering sector.

She then went on to complete her post-graduate study in nursing, stumbling upon the same issues again when she wanted to volunteer abroad using her nursing skills. From these experiences, the idea of Indigo Volunteers was born. Shortly after the European refugee crisis hit the news, Holly moved to Northern Greece to coordinate volunteer efforts there. Following the emerging hotspots, Holly then moved to Serbia, Bosnia, and has for the last year has been based at the latest refugee crisis hotspot on the Greek island of Samos, where boat arrivals still continue. Indigo has placed thousands of volunteers to grassroots projects around the world, and has been going from strength to strength ever since. Now focussing on the European refugee route,

Indigo supports 48 charities with volunteers, best practice documents, policies, and also arrange trainers to upskill the workers.