Bethel Kyeza

Bethel Kyeza

Girl Up Teen Advisor

Bethel Kyeza is a 17-year-old Girl Up Teen Advisor from the United Kingdom.
She is a filmmaker, women’s rights activist and public speaker. Bethel is
passionate about making a change and coming up with long term practical
solutions to help the world move forward.

Some of her main interests include writing, humanitarian work, fundraising and interacting with new people. She also enjoys being creative, learning and all things science.

Having grown up being aware of lack opportunity for minority and different intersectional groups Bethel is currently working on a podcast to tackle unspoken topics. Bethel hopes to continue to be an influencer in the field she chooses to work in, focus on global and political development and work with children who don’t have access to education, children who are exposed to child marriage and be a positive impact on the current and next generation.