Alchemy and a Unique Storytelling Process: Hub Dot partners with Women in Dev!

By Simona Barbieri , Hub Dot Founder & Creative Director


At Women in Dev we are creating a different kind of conference: one where attendees do not feel separated or intimidated by any notions of seniority, and instead are able to drive forward useful professional relationships. We are therefore delighted that we will be partnering with Hub Dot, a pioneering social enterprise that has revolutionised the way we “network’: where conversations start with ‘what is your story?’ In this blog, Hub Dot’s Founder & Creative Director Simona Barbieri explains the Hub Dot approach and what it will bring to Women in Dev

Hub Dot exists to bring people together, through meaningful experiences, to help you to make that one connection that could change your life. I’m delighted that Hub Dot’s alchemy and unique storytelling process will be part of Women in Dev next year – together we are going to achieve something very special.

By having a presence at the Women in Dev conference, Hub Dot will be able to facilitate meaningful connections between delegates by creating a culture of storytelling and knowledge sharing across the conference. With so many inspirational women in the room, Hub Dot’s job will be to highlight each and every one of them and their unique stories by helping them to connect and share wisdom, insight, knowledge, philosophy and the key to making an impact in the world of development.

We remove societal labels – a title, a CV, a job description – and replace them with 5 Dots as a way of enabling exploration on your own terms. Starting a conversation with ‘What’s your story?’ instead of ‘What do you do?’ provides the freedom for you to connect in your own way.

We want the world to discover the language of our Dots and rediscover the art of storytelling to connect with people in their own communities and beyond. From a CEO of an international company to a baker in a remote village in the countryside, a philanthropist to a fashionista, a writer to a storyteller, an artist on one side of the world to a gallery owner on the other.

We work with NGOs, social enterprises, government agencies and organisations with a social mission to build bridges across communities and cultures. We help people to make meaningful connections that can make fundamental change both on an individual and a societal level.

The expertise at Women in Dev will span areas of humanitarian, equality, environmental, and various other crucial development fields. The Hub Dot mentality will break down barriers and allow delegates to connect on a human level to build understanding by grasping knowledge from unexpected avenues. This will create a palpable spirit of collaboration in the room. Delegates will be able to gain a sense of empowerment from the real-life human stories of how everyone there came to be a woman in development. We look forward to connecting the dots with you at Women in Dev next year!